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I was communing with the 14 angels for a year every morning and night before my son crossed, as I was in the midst of writing a book on Angelology. In hindsight, I am ever so grateful for this daily practice which prepared me for having an Invisible Relationship with my son. The history of these angels is God gave Moses two tablets, one on the angels and one on the Ten Commandments. When Moses returned and was ashamed of his people he threw the tables and they were broken. On his return to God at the burning bush God gave him only one tablet on the The Commandants and told Moses to only teach the masters about the second tablet until people were ready. I believe we are ready to save our planet with this indigenous spiritual wisdom.


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"Louise Rouse is a skilled coach in helping people return to happiness when they are faced with loss and grief. She is a visionary, and her new therapy for loss and grief will rock the world. Through her own experience and her years of coaching, Louise guides her clients to work though their feelings and then supports them in the healing process, in a very unique way. So once again they will be able to live the life they were created to live."
Maureen Wielansky, Health Coach


About Coach Louise Rouse

        America's Grief Coach
                                    I am one who sees, I listen, pay attention and share my stories.
My stories are my medicine, they carry my wisdom. I use my stories to open the door for healing to begin. Then am guided to the right questions to ask in order to truly hear your stories, and guide you in releasing the pain and discovering your gifts.                                                                                                                                        Three years ago my 22 year old beloved son died suddenly from a heart attack. He was a 'miracle baby' who had a miracle healing from needing a heart and lung transplant. When he was seven I had him completely retested, there was not even a trace of any evidence that he ever had a problem.  

Of course 22 years later when I heard his heart was enlarged again, I began affirming that he would have another miracle, and praying to Mother Mary and Jesus. Less than three weeks after the news of his heart problem he passed on. I was given the powerful lesson of learning how to still have faith even when things don't work out the way you want them to.

At first I found myself swirling down into the depth of my very being, into the darkest night of my soul. There I understood the wisdom from Plato given 2,000 years ago, when he summarized his life's work in two words "Practice Dying". Being blessed to take a year off work I immersed myself in grief. I discovered that I was not alone. That people all around me were in grief. Grief covered a vast amount of areas. One that stood out saying "notice me, help me", was America are dear country. 

I discovered that my rich background as a Certified Transpersonal Therapist, Alchemical Hypnotherapist, and Biofeedback Therapist, plus Certified Personal and Professional Coach specializing in Transformation, and the Law Of Attraction, had prepared me with the perfect toolbox.  I carried the very tools and skills one needed to not only heal grief but to shift the perspective of dead to alive, and loss to fabulously found. In my former practice I specialized in depression. All depression comes from some form of grief. Grief can transform like the stages of a butterfly, and give us new wings to fly. 

During my journey toward healing and renewal, I was blessed from my sons request to support Grandmother Agnes for the rest of her life, just 5- days before his passing. This is amazing story to long to share here. To learn more : 13 Indigenous Grandmothers under Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim Baker. Grandmother Agnes is the oldest living member of the Takilma Siletz nation of Southern Oregon, and the Chairperson of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. These Grandmothers are from the four corners of the earth.  They travel all over the world sharing the wisdom of indigenous teachings, healing through prayer, and teaching people to love and protect our water. That we our water babies. 

Grandmother Agnes told me I was in training, that I could see between the worlds. She was right, and now my time has come to share my gifts and help others have a relationship with their loved ones on the other side, and to help America re-cover from the shadow of grief. Grandmother speaks for the unseen voices, I speak for the invisible above and below. 

My calling started when I was just 2 years old, when my father passed on. Over and over again, this calling would come to me, but I did not listen until the year of my mourning. We run away from death, hide from grief, yet loss is our greatest teacher.  My life’s mission to help those who are drowning in their grief and sorrow, who are stuck in the dark and endless night to rise up out of their grief and make the transition from loss to fabulously found, sorrow to joy, and from inner turmoil to inner peace. It has taken me some time to transfer over from being a thought buster coach to America’s Grief Coach. However my thought busting skills are treasured tools in my tool bag.

As we start working together, you too can have a soul satisfying relationship with your loved ones who have simply left our physical plane of existence to a higher realm. You will discover many gifts, you never thought you would feel. Or if you are suffering from another kind of loss, you will discover how to overcome your loss and have joy and success once again.  

      When we discover that nothing ever dies we suddenly know how to really live.

Invisible Relationships are waiting to send you a lifeline.
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