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I was communing with the 14 angels for a year every morning and night before my son crossed, as I was in the midst of writing a book on Angelology. In hindsight, I am ever so grateful for this daily practice which prepared me for having an Invisible Relationship with my son. The history of these angels is God gave Moses two tablets, one on the angels and one on the Ten Commandments. When Moses returned and was ashamed of his people he threw the tables and they were broken. On his return to God at the burning bush God gave him only one tablet on the The Commandants and told Moses to only teach the masters about the second tablet until people were ready. I believe we are ready to save our planet with this indigenous spiritual wisdom.


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"Coach Louise helped me to see how my belief systems and perspectives about relationships were holding me back. Thanks to Coach Louise's coaching I am going through a process of deepening my awareness about my emotional responses which I know will lead to my having a deeper, more loving relationship with my husband." Angela Ballantyne, London

Coaching Programs

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 Programs: For Grief and Loss Recovery Coaching [named after the fourteen angels]

Join a group or work exclusively with Coach Louise, America's Grief Coach in one of the following ways:
Angel of Love: Join others who are coping with the loss of someone special in this 6-week group-coaching program.  Together you will learn coping skills and connect with others who have been there, too. 

Think an ongoing, one-on-one process would suit you better?  I totally understand.  Coach Louise is personally available to help you nurture your invisible relationships, and support you on your path to feeling good again.  

Angel of Wisdom: Are you having a down day?  You know it won't last, but right now you could use a “ heart of compassion, a voice of wisdom, and a listening ear" to help you see things differently.  In this one private session Coach Louise will help you turn your current feelings into receiving healing. Feel at peace once again. Maybe you're ready to release regrets or find forgiveness and eager to practice some extreme self-care after your loss. Or maybe you would like support in moving forward.  Try this 3-session package to help you along.

Angel of Joy: This 6-session package can facilitate your moving forward in life again, knowing you have a loving coach that supports you on your path.  By working individually with Coach Louise on a number of grief recovery steps and strengthening your new invisible relationship you will be able to discover the hidden gifts which are waiting for you. 

Angel of Peace: Sometimes we need long-term support when it comes to moving through a difficult time in our lives.  You are not alone. Coach Louise offers this package of 9 individual sessions where together you'll design your own intention for the life you want to create. Turning lemons into lemonade. 

Angel of Eternal Life: A change of scenery in a beautiful nurturing setting can do wonders for your mood and your grief recovery.  Come get pampered, take journey walks, and guided visualizations to plant seeds for tomorrow. Receive a healing massage, paint, sing, drum, dance, cry and laugh.  Have exclusive and private full attention with Coach Louise, and come away a renewed person inspired with tools and techniques to give you immediate help. If you are having a hard time getting back to work, or back into life, this is perfect for you. 

Angels Grief Retreat: This 3-days, 2-nights group retreat is offered once a year. The ultimate package of being pampered, and supported. Special guest, performances, and luxury spa. Watch for the next date. 

Invisible Relationships are waiting to send you a lifeline.
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