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I was communing with the 14 angels for a year every morning and night before my son crossed, as I was in the midst of writing a book on Angelology. In hindsight, I am ever so grateful for this daily practice which prepared me for having an Invisible Relationship with my son. The history of these angels is God gave Moses two tablets, one on the angels and one on the Ten Commandments. When Moses returned and was ashamed of his people he threw the tables and they were broken. On his return to God at the burning bush God gave him only one tablet on the The Commandants and told Moses to only teach the masters about the second tablet until people were ready. I believe we are ready to save our planet with this indigenous spiritual wisdom.


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"If you suffer from a terrible loss of a dear one, please get immediately in touch with Louise. She will be of tremendous help and support for you during this difficult time. Louise has an unique approach to death, which can be so comforting and healing for you, plus she has the understanding of what you are going through from her own personal experience and rich professional background. If you feel like you will never be the same, like life is over Louise will help you move forward, safely and lovingly." Catherine Campart

How would you like to Have A Relationship With The Other Side Without Hiring A Psychic?
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