Introducing the 14 Angels
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I was communing with the 14 angels for a year every morning and night before my son crossed, as I was in the midst of writing a book on Angelology. In hindsight, I am ever so grateful for this daily practice which prepared me for having an Invisible Relationship with my son. The history of these angels is God gave Moses two tablets, one on the angels and one on the Ten Commandments. When Moses returned and was ashamed of his people he threw the tables and they were broken. On his return to God at the burning bush God gave him only one tablet on the The Commandants and told Moses to only teach the masters about the second tablet until people were ready. I believe we are ready to save our planet with this indigenous spiritual wisdom.


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How would you like to Have A Relationship With The Other Side Without Hiring A Psychic?


"Louise Rouse is an incredible Coach who works with you when you are overcome with grief – that is a result of a loss. Her connectedness and well honed listening capabilities support her natural talent to hear what your experience is and have her know just where to look to begin healing. Working with Louise, you shed hopelessness and bereavement and restore your abilities to experience joy and happiness. With Louise, it really is possible. She is a true visionary and connected to the other-side."
Aprille Trupiano

"If you suffer from a terrible loss of a dear one, please get immediately in touch with Louise. She will be of tremendous help and support for you during this difficult time. Louise has an unique approach to death, which can be so comforting and healing for you, plus she has the understanding of what you are going through from her own personal experience and rich professional background. If you feel like you will never be the same, like life is over Louise will help you move forward, safely and lovingly." Catherine Campart

"Coach Louise is a fabulous grief expert.  She is first-hand experienced realizing loss sometimes can come suddenly.  Her mission is to help change the perception on grief--”that nothing ever dies, only transforms.” Her attitude, experience and passion in this well needed work will help you grow through your grief process in less time than it takes many to go through this journey alone.  Coach Louise is a woman who “has been there, done that and wore the tee shirt” and will help you accelerate the grief process in a unique way she has come to understand. Why let grief keep you locked up when there is the best grief expert available to you.  Coach Louise is exceptionally passionate, caring and sensitive to help you deal with your grief!  Why look at the rest when you can have the best: Coach Louise!"  Carol Giambri

"Coach Louise Rouse’s gentle soul and guidance will walk with you on your journey through grief to a place of comfort, love and understanding. There’s no other person that I’d rather have beside me on this journey." Mary Kay Aide

"Louise Rouse Grief from the loss of someone close to you is so deeply personal and painful.  Louise Rouse is the person to help you navigate the terrain of grief.  Helping you realize that nothing ever dies, Louise helps you develop a relationship beyond the living one that eases the sadness and uncovers the joy of the life lived.  She is a blessing and a gracious purposeful guide through the waters."  Michelle A. Beitzel

"Coach Louise Rouse understands grief on many different levels. She knows how to walk you through it. Her coaching allows you to feel the intensity of loss and move into healing. Louise’s intuitive capabilities are a pure demonstration of her work with the divine, transforming times of potential confusion into those of clarity and love. If you are dealing with any form of grief or loss, Louise is the coach to support you."
Deborah Kagan                                                     

"Louise Rouse is a blessing to anyone who has experienced grief. Healing her own experience with grief sent her on mission to help other people heal as well. From a immediate loss to one past, she helps people see a new perception. One,  which is very empowering for the soul. Louise is intuitive and a visionary allowing her to guide her clients through the depths of darkness and sadness to the light and joy of life still left to live. She is a Coach who walks her talk."

"Coach Louise helped me to see how my belief systems and perspectives about relationships were holding me back. Thanks to Coach Louise's coaching I am going through a process of deepening my awareness about my emotional responses which I know will lead to my having a deeper, more loving relationship with my husband." Angela Ballantyne, London
"Louise Rouse is a skilled coach in helping people return to happiness when they are faced with loss and grief. She is a visionary, and her new therapy for loss and grief will rock the world. Through her own experience and her years of coaching, Louise guides her clients to work though their feelings and then supports them in the healing process, in a very unique way. So once again they will be able to live the life they were created to live."
Maureen Wielansky, Health Coach

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